Friday, June 17, 2016

Test Blog

Hello, Curious Reader!

I shall begin with a tidbit of history.

I began roasting fine arabica coffees in 2006. Today, I roast up to fifteen pounds per batch in a terrific Deidrich IR-7 for neighbors and friends at the beginning of each month. I pick three to four coffees to highlight in an email that my customers can choose from. I will ship the coffee to you, but it is best to minimize the shipping costs by ordering at least four pounds at a time. The beans are always whole bean, and should be brewed within six weeks of the roast date stamped on every bag.

This year, we decided to donate at least half of our profits to pro-life initiatives and charities. We share our love and passion for coffee with a zealous wish to see the scourge of legalized baby killing overturned. Isn't it grand to think some of the money you spend for great coffee can be used to save lives?

If you want to be added to our roast email, send yours (email, that is) to:

Please send your comments and suggestions as this blog unfolds.


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