Saturday, June 18, 2016

Syphon Brewers and Babies

Any given Saturday, I might roll out of bed, not SO early. This morning I decided to start the day with a syphon pot of Papua New Guinea I roasted into the light-medium range.

The coffee from a syphon, or vacuum pot is very clean and full of flavor. The brewers are relatively inexpensive on the entry level. A lovely Hario will cost a bit more, but the conversations you can explore after a fine meal are a treasure. 

This morning, I considered the minutes it takes to step through each component of brewing by this method. My calculations are approximations in minutes and...

1. Boil water.-3 minutes= 9 murdered American unborn babies.

2. Grind coffee. 1 minute= 3 more

3. Watch and stir as water rises in the glass tube. 2 minutes= 6 unwanted babies destroyed

4. Remove from heat; coffee descends to lower vessel. 3 minutes= 9

5. Pour a cup and wait 5 (good coffee tastes best as it cools). Think, pray. 15 minutes= 45 babies Some "doctors" in the abortion industry use a type of suction or vacuum to remove the dismembered parts (D&C).

6. It took 70 minutes or 210 babies to write this blog.

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