Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fall is here!

Cooler days inspire new coffee blends. I hope you don't miss this one. It will warm up your mornings: roasting September 29th, 2017. You can be added to our monthly email at, 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Iced Coffee and Independence Day!

We roasted the balance of our remaining Sumatra Mandheling today. Of the Indonesian arabicas, Sumatra offerings remain a usual favorite. The green beans would run dead last in a green coffee bean beauty contest. 

The coffee bean itself has a curved, crescentesque shape, and it sheds chaff like soggy-footed marathoners shed skin. This duckling bean transforms into a swan in the roaster (I find the duckling/swan analogy easily transposed, if you prefer your ducks to your swans).

We are roasting our supplies of all the coffee we have because we will be selling fair trade exclusively. Fair trade coffee farmers are guaranteed a fair price for their hard work. If you've never seen arabica coffee harvested take a minute or two to watch this:coffee harvest

The cost for our coffee will increase and we may lose customers. We are risking the lower profits because it is, simply, the right thing for us to do. After owning and operating a coffee roastery for ten years, we are at peace continuing to follow and expand an ethically based business, and there remains much to do.

Along similar lines,in the national news in the last few months, you may recall the assertive threats and promises of some globally reaching American corporations regarding their support for many of the political footballs bounced off seemingly comatose conservative noggins. We have iced our contusions, wiped the cobwebs off our cleats, and fortified our shoulder pads by attaching our support for pro-life causes to our business in hopes of scoring a touchdown for our team. We don't have a multi-state, multi-national company whose absence will cause a city council-member, or certainly a state governor to pay the devil his due, but I am convinced that other small-businesses around the nation are taking similar stands...the more the merrier.

On the lighter side...Happy Independence Day! Hot days are perfect to ramp up your coffee drinking. Buy a pour-over brewer if you don't have one hereHeat 16 ounces of water to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Fill a pitcher (that you can rest the pour-over brewer over) with 16 ounces of ice. Grind two ounces of Coffeebabees to drip brewer sized grounds. Pour the hot water slowly while gently stirring the grounds. The hot brew will mix with the ice below to lock in a brightly flavored iced coffee. Pour over a glass filled with ice. Add heavy cream and sugar if you like. I prefer it as is. It's a perfect complement to backyard barbecue fare.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Syphon Brewers and Babies

Any given Saturday, I might roll out of bed, not SO early. This morning I decided to start the day with a syphon pot of Papua New Guinea I roasted into the light-medium range.

The coffee from a syphon, or vacuum pot is very clean and full of flavor. The brewers are relatively inexpensive on the entry level. A lovely Hario will cost a bit more, but the conversations you can explore after a fine meal are a treasure. 

This morning, I considered the minutes it takes to step through each component of brewing by this method. My calculations are approximations in minutes and...

1. Boil water.-3 minutes= 9 murdered American unborn babies.

2. Grind coffee. 1 minute= 3 more

3. Watch and stir as water rises in the glass tube. 2 minutes= 6 unwanted babies destroyed

4. Remove from heat; coffee descends to lower vessel. 3 minutes= 9

5. Pour a cup and wait 5 (good coffee tastes best as it cools). Think, pray. 15 minutes= 45 babies Some "doctors" in the abortion industry use a type of suction or vacuum to remove the dismembered parts (D&C).

6. It took 70 minutes or 210 babies to write this blog.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Test Blog

Hello, Curious Reader!

I shall begin with a tidbit of history.

I began roasting fine arabica coffees in 2006. Today, I roast up to fifteen pounds per batch in a terrific Deidrich IR-7 for neighbors and friends at the beginning of each month. I pick three to four coffees to highlight in an email that my customers can choose from. I will ship the coffee to you, but it is best to minimize the shipping costs by ordering at least four pounds at a time. The beans are always whole bean, and should be brewed within six weeks of the roast date stamped on every bag.

This year, we decided to donate at least half of our profits to pro-life initiatives and charities. We share our love and passion for coffee with a zealous wish to see the scourge of legalized baby killing overturned. Isn't it grand to think some of the money you spend for great coffee can be used to save lives?

If you want to be added to our roast email, send yours (email, that is) to:

Please send your comments and suggestions as this blog unfolds.